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Langkawi, is a beautiful urban city of Malaysia, located along the northwestern coastline of Malaysia. It is such a blessed city having 99 outstanding islands in it. The environment, and weather conditions are also still and peaceful, also bears some rains and occasional showers in August/September, which plays the role of magnetizing factor for the tourists and they keep booking cheap flights to Langkawi throughout the year. Crammed with awesome culture, mysteries, legends, loads of natural scenery, wide white beaches, thus Langkawi is the perfect holiday destination.

Tanjung Rhu - sited towards the north of Pulau Langkawi. Its captivating beach gives the superlative views of nearby islands. A little ride by boat from here will take you to the Gua Cherita famous as the Cave of Legends. If you get a chance to have cheap flights to Langkawi then the place must not to be missed. As its name shows, many stories of mystery and romance are associated with it. On the walls of the cave can be observed some carved ancient script which has yet to be interpreted.

Air Hangat – The hot water spring is the beautiful relaxing place. Some myths are attached with the spring by the locals that the spring water is a treatment of numerous cures. People get the flights to Lagkawi must tour the spring to acquire some treatment!

Langkawi Wildlife Park – is a sanctuary for nature and birdlife, displaying the 3,000 birds of 150 various species in a beautiful tropical designed garden. Many of them are rare in the planet. The ones interested in the wildlife particularly book flights to Langkawi to discover the park.

Underwater world Langkawi – located in Pentai, is great place providing entertainment and information. The large white building is displaying the 5,000 fishes of diverse species in 100 tanks. The building is divided into different sections each devoted for single specie. Tourists' book cheap flights to Lagkawi for leisure trip never forget to tour the place.

Pentai Kok - Pantai Kok is a gorgeous and remote stretch of beach in the northeast part of Langkawi Island. This beach has a port which is generally known as Telaga Harbour. It offers you a bundle of recreational attractions such as the cable car ride which take you to the Peak of Mat Cincang Mountain and the great Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls. The Pantai Kok is an ideal place for those desires a relaxing holiday destination. Hundreds of beach lover tourists reserve Langkawi flights yearly and make their stay in Pentai Kok for leisure vacations.

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Flights To Langkawi, Cheap Flights, Flights, Travel, Langkawi, Malaysia, Langkawi Flights, Flight

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Flights To Langkawi, Cheap Flights, Flights, Travel, Langkawi, Malaysia, Langkawi Flights, Flight

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